Schedule your annual well woman checkups to stay healthy.

All women need a full checkup separate from other required visits for illness or injury.

Preventative Care for Women By Women

  • Update vaccinations to prevent diseases and illness
  • Diagnose diseases early with annual medical screenings
  • Make informed health decisions with education and counseling.

What happens during a well woman visit?

Women are extremely busy. During a well woman visit, it is time to slow down and focus on your overall health and wellness.

During your visit, your doctor will:

  • Document your health habits and medical history
  • Provide a physical exam including your annual pap smear & breast exam
  • Guide you through setting health goals for the future
  • Make any referrals if needed

Medicare covers preventative care, and private insurances vary. Contact our offices today to schedule your well woman exams and to get more information.

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