Quality Medical Care with a Personalized Approach

Everyone deserves quality care. Many doctors feel restrained by the hospital their clinics are affiliated with. This rushed bandaid care is not what is best for patients. At Winnsboro Health Services, we offer compassionate care for everyone.

Family Medical Center in Winnsboro, TX

A live person should answer the phone when calling the doctor's office. At Winnsboro Health Services, you get a fully responsive staff. You get a real person on the line every time you call. We are dedicated to being here when you need us.

Medicare Annual Exams

During your medicare exam, your doctor learns more about you & your health through in-depth conversations & checkups. We use this information to provide you with the best possible future care.

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Yearly Physical for Patients

During your annual physical, our medical staff will provide a head-to-toe examination so we can determine any preventative health needs and establish a baseline of your overall health for future care.


Well Woman Checks

Prevention is key when it comes to a woman's health. You can feel comfortable placing your care in the hands of our practitioners. We provide annual checkups specific to the needs of our patients.

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Chronic Disease Management

We improve the quality of our patients' lives with comprehensive care for chronic diseases. From diabetes to arthritis and more, we can help you manage your chronic illness through a positive, trusting relationship with our medical team.

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Developing a relationship with your child's doctor is vital to the care of your child. We focus on your child's growth, development, & behavior. You can have the peace of mind that your child is getting the care they deserve from practitioners who really care.


Same Day Sick Appointments

You can get the attention you need. Nobody likes waiting at the ER or urgent care for medical care when they are sick. We are a well-staffed family practice in Winnsboro, so most patients do not have to wait longer than a day to be seen when they are sick.

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We Accept
Medicare &
Most Insurance

We develop lifelong patient/doctor partnerships and are always taking new patients.

  • Private insurance
  • Medicare
  • Children's Medicaid*
  • Plus, a VERY competitive cash pay rate

*Adult Medicaid not accepted. Please ask about our affordable cash pay rate.

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