Updated March 20, 2020

Letter to our patients:

Due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic and out of an abundance of caution, we are temporarily restricting patient visits to either TeleMedicine or Home Visits . We are facing these uncertain times head on, advocating for your safety and meeting your needs in the best way possible. As this is a fluid situation, we are heeding the current recommendations of the CDC, our state government, President Trump and his medical advisors to limit contact except when necessary.

The best way to stay healthy is to isolate yourself within the safety of your own home. The vast majority of medical issues that are handled in the clinic can be addressed through TeleMedicine visits. Anything that cannot be addressed over TeleMedicine - lab work, injections, wound care, etc- can be addressed by having a Home Visit with one of our Nurse Practitioners.

Winnsboro Health Services has been offering TeleMedicine visits since September of 2019, and we are very comfortable with the MyCarePlan platform. Just download the MyCarePlan app, and one of our providers can “meet” with you to go over any health concerns you have.

  1. Install the MyCarePlan App on either Android or iOS (Samsung/Apple)
  2. Register as a new patient
  3. Enter name, email (must be same as Athena), cell phone number, birth date, gender
  4. Create a username and password, then create a simple security question
  5. Click to connect to provider, search by Winnsboro, add “Winnsboro Health Services, PLLC”
  6. Start with the heart on the bottom left corner, complete all tasks
  7. On day/time of appt, pressthe “My Appointment” tab with arrow to start video conference
  8. When your visit is over, just hang up. It’s really that easy!

We have also been offering Home Visits since late last year- one of our nurse practitioners will come directly to you, to discuss your health concerns, take all your vitals, adjust your medications, give joint injections, draw labs, etc. We want you to stay safe at home, and Home Visits can meet your health needs AND allow you to stay in isolation by limiting the number of people you come into contact with.

The Coronavirus pandemic may have put a temporary halt on normal, everyday life as we knew it, but it will not stop us from continuing to care for you and your family. Please call us at (903) 342-3355 to set up your appointment today!

With deep gratitude,

Dr. Jared Petty and the staff of Winnsboro Health Services